“Calasag” means a lot of things. It’s the name of the village where my father was born and my family still lives today. It’s where my mother met my father and, though I wasn’t born there, it’s where my story begins. Calasag is in central Luzon  (the main island of the Philippines) two hours north of Manila. The name is derived from the Tagalog word “Kalasag” which translates to “Shield”. This refers to the wooden shields the indigenous people of the Philippines used to defend themselves. Lapu-Lapu and his soldiers brandished these shields to fight against colonization. It speaks to the resistance and resilience of the Philippine people.

There is a rich history that is told through our food, this is a story that has developed over hundreds of thousands of years to the diaspora that exists today. 

My personal journey has lead me to Baltimore city, where the Filipino population is less than 2%. Through Calasag Pop-Up I seek to connect to my roots while connecting to the Baltimore food and music community. It is a constantly growing and changing group of individuals. 

We are a place where Filipinos, Filipinos, Filipinx people and Fil Ams can validate our identity. We are a collective creating our own future while respecting and remembering our past.

The journey is never over. It didn’t start with our parents and it won’t end with us. Filipino food is our passion, but with it comes inspiration to explore our history and celebrate our culture. - Dylan Ubaldo

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